About us

Claudius Cravats is a fashion brand for men. We design and make ascots - that is our focus. 

But aren’t ascots rather unconventional today, you say? I beg to differ.  They have been showing up all over Europe and Asia, and North America is ready to embrace the trend.  On the other hand, what is wrong with unconventional? Be confident, be different.  Be the first to show your colors.  A stylish man is timeless, as is the ascot he wears.

More to the point, men are becoming more adventurous with their fashion choices.  It’s about time!  They are less hindered by age range and demographics in what they wear.  Whether you are a guy for bolder designs and or the trusted understated style, we have one for you.  Our products are made for those who are confident enough to make a statement.  You will see in our designs and marketing that we like to have fun, be quirky, step outside the norm – all in elegant style. You would relate to this.  Mark my words, your ascot will turn heads and start many a conversation. Guaranteed.

I would like to hear from you about the comments and questions.  Please feel free to email me on our contact page.  I’d love to chat and promise to answer each email personally.

Classic twits. Cravats for the Curious